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    EDITORS PICK Fact Check: Fans are cheering Soccer match, not Modi's oath-taking, in viral...

    Fact Check: Fans are cheering Soccer match, not Modi’s oath-taking, in viral video

    The video is morphed. Here is how we found out.


    A video showing a huge cheering crowd, while looking at a giant TV screen, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi took oath on May 30 is going viral on social media and has also been shared by an ABP news journalist.

    The video is being shared with the caption ‘ये तस्वीर जितनी बार देखो, कम लगती हैमन को मोह लेने वाला वीडियो’ which translates to ‘It never feels enough to watch this picture…..this video is heartening’


    The video is fake. It has been morphed to accommodate the video of PM’s oath taking ceremony.


    A reverse search of the video redirects us to several morphed videos with the same crowd with different narratives. The video shared by ABP’s Vikas Bhadauria shows stamp of a twitter account Atheist Krishna at the top right corner. Searching the handle, we found that he has also shared the same video asking if anyone can confirm this.

    His question seems bizarre as on May 19, Atheist Krishna himself had shared a morphed version of the same video with the fake narrative that ‘BJP supporters were watching exit polls.’ The exit polls indicated BJP’s victory in Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

    The crowd in both the videos shared by this handle is exactly the same. Interestingly, Krishna in his bio says that he ‘photo-shops pics for fun.’ The person has also shared a video of Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar where he can be seen praising Krishna’s editing skills. Kumar also says in the video how Prime Minister Narendra Modi also enjoyed memes made by Krishna when Kumar shared it with him.

    However, in the absence of a disclaimer, videos shared by him are going viral with fake narratives. Krishna himself took a jibe at Bhadauria while replying to the morphed video.

    Earlier, India Today has busted two claims (1,2) related to the video in its investigation. The original video is from Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol, United Kingdom and was uploaded in 2016 where fans were watching a football match.

    Another fake image was also being shared around the PM’s oath taking ceremony where it was claimed that former President of United States, Barrack Obama was watching the ceremony.

    It can be mentioned that this image as well has a watermark at the bottom right corner of Atheist Krishna. His profile says it is for fun but as we can see, people are taking these morphed videos and images seriously.

    Reverse searching the image shows it is from 2014 when Obama was watching a football match between US and Germany. The image was shared by Doug Mills, journalist and photographer who has covered the White House since the ’80s.

    If you come across any video, image or claim which you would like us to verify, please send it to

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