Wednesday, January 27, 2021
    POLITICS BJP MLA seen dancing with guns: Licences of Pranav Champion's weapons cancelled

    BJP MLA seen dancing with guns: Licences of Pranav Champion’s weapons cancelled

    After the video went viral on July 10, Uttarakhand State BJP President, Shyam Jaju demanded Pranav’s permanent suspension.

    New Delhi: Licences of guns belonging to BJP leader Pranav Champion, MLA from Uttarakhand’s Khanpur, have been cancelled after a video of him surfaced in which he was brandishing guns and dancing.

    Champion has also been slapped with a notice by the Haridwar District Magistrate, Dipendra Chaudhary.

    In his clarification, Champion had defended himself by saying the guns were licensed and he was not pointing them at anyone.

    After the video went viral on July 10, Uttarakhand state BJP president, Shyam Jaju, demanded Champion’s permanent suspension from the party. The MLA is already facing a three-month suspension for threatening a journalist.

    “The party cannot compromise on any incident related with indiscipline,” Jaju said.

    Champion was also found using abusive and foul language in the clip, while shaking a leg on a song from the famous Bollywood movie Karan Arjun.

    Singh displayed four different guns while dancing and his supporters in the background praised the leader, saying, “No one else, only you can do something like this in Uttarakhand.”

    While responding to his supporters, Pranav Singh said, “Not just in Uttarakhand, no one can do this in entire India.”

    The suspended MLA also went to the police seeking security, alleging he is receiving threats on Facebook ever since his video went viral.

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