Friday, April 3, 2020
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    If an MLA is not safe, then imagine the plight of a common man in UP: Congress on attack on Aditi Singh

    On May 14, Rae Bareli's Congress MLA Aditi Singh's convoy was attacked as she was headed for a floor test against District Panchayat Chief Awadhesh Singh.

    New Delhi: After an attack on the convoy of Congress MLA Aditi Singh in Rae Bareli, where she suffered minor injuries, spokesperson Pawan Khera on May 15 said that if the lawmakers are not safe in UP, then the ordeal of a common man hangs in bargain.

    Addressing a press conference in Delhi, Khera attacked the BJP-led UP government and said, “The one who stares imminent defeat indulges in violence. Our MLA Aditi Singh was attacked, you can easily see Modi Shah model behind this, even an elected lawmaker is not secure, just imagine state of a common person in Yogi-led state government.”

    Meanwhile, a man interrupted the press brief of the Congress party and shouted slogans of Vande Matram and Bharat mata ki jai and said, “Yogi Adityanath ko Ajay Singh Bisht kehna Bharatiya sanskriti ka apmaan hai (Calling Yogi Adityanath, Ajay Singh Bisht is against India’s culture).”

    Congress’ General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra visited Rae Bareli on May 15 and took a stock of the situation, met Aditi Singh and criticised Adityanath government for being inefficient and anarchist.

    Priyanka alleged that “UP government is a hooligan’s government. The anarchist attack on the Zila Panchayat members after pulling them off from their respective cars, never happened in the past. We have registered a complaint with the Election Commission in Delhi, and we will fight for these members.”

    Earlier, on May 14, Congress MLA Aditi Singh with other members was on her way to the district panchayat office where voting was taking place on a no-confidence motion against Panchayat head Avadesh Singh, when her convoy was attacked.

    Awadesh Singh is the brother of Dinesh Singh, who is contesting against UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi in the Lok Sabha polls on a BJP ticket.

    Mahila Congress chief and MP Sushmita Dev condemned the attack and said that it has brought the Congress further together in Rae Bareli. She tweeted out saying, “Elected MLA Aditi Singh & Zila panchayat members were attacked to stop them from voting out the brother of Dinesh Singh MLC (contested against Sonia Gandhi Ji).”

    Post the incident, Aditi Singh levelled charges against Awadesh Singh and said that he was behind the attack on the convoy of Zila Panchayat members.

    “I was surrounded and then attacked, the attackers were armed, stones were pelted on my car and an attempt was made to kill me. Attack was done on Awadesh Singh’s direction near Dinesh Singh’s college. Awadesh Singh was also present,” she said.

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